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Distributed Multiplatform Framework
Distributed Multiplatform Framework is a component-based programming framework using XML (or currently a hardcoded variant) as the repository. The samples are implemented either in console or wxWidgets. This shows the independence of the GUI or UI.

Release Notes: This release added custom fields to be modeled but not as functional elements, and code for better SQLite logging. Initial error feedback and model validation was added. A new 'StsManagement' sample UML model was added. This application represents the database model the CAB DevExpress code generator utilizes for the STS authentication feature. It can be used to create the respective management application using the same template. Several bugs were fixed.


Release Tags: Stable Release, Major feature enhancements

Tags: Database, Front-Ends, Software Development, Libraries, Application Frameworks, Object Brokering, (DevExpress Codegenerator)

Licenses: LGPL

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