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2019-11-27 NEWDistribution Release: Proxmox 6.1 "Mail Gateway"
Proxmox is a commercial company which offers specialized products based on Debian. The company has launched Proxmox Mail Gateway version 6.1 which is based on Debian 10.2 "Buster". The release announcement covers the highlights of the new version: "We are excited to announce the availability of Proxmox Mail Gateway 6.1. The new version comes with some interesting new features. We have updated the Mail Gateway to Debian 10.2 (Buster) and a 5.3 kernel with ZFS included. The new version 6.1 brings support for DomainKeys Identified Mail signatures (DKIM), a new attachment quarantine, adjustable SpamAssassin scores via GUI, and improved handling of Configuration and Rule changes in a cluster. As an experimental feature, the support for Before Queue filtering can be enabled. DKIM-Signing: support for adding DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) Signatures (RFC 6376) to outbound emails; configuration via GUI; signing happens after processing the email with the rule system, thus ensuring that it leaves the Proxmox Mail Gateway with a valid signature. Flexible control of which domains should get signed with sensible defaults...." Additional details can be found in the company's release notes. The new version of Proxmox Mail Gateway can be acquired from the company's download page. Download: proxmox-mailgateway_6.1-1.iso (854MB, SHA256, pkglist).

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