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2019-11-26 NEWDistribution Release: Kali Linux 2019.4
Kali Linux is a Debian-based distribution that ships with a collection of security and forensics tools. The project's latest version is Kali Linux 2019.4. The new release features Btrfs support during setup, a new theme, and a "Kali Undercover" mode which makes the distribution's desktop resemble the Windows desktop. "With the change to the environment, we thought we would take a side step and do something fun. Thanks to Robert, who leads our penetration testing team, for suggesting a Kali theme that looks like Windows to the casual view, we have created the Kali Undercover theme. Say you are working in a public place, hacking away, and you might not want the distinctive Kali dragon for everyone to see and wonder what it is you are doing. So, we made a little script that will change your Kali theme to look like a default Windows installation. That way, you can work a bit more incognito. After you are done and in a more private place, run the script again and you switch back to your Kali theme." Additional details can be found in the project's release announcement. Download (SHA256) (pkglist): kali-linux-2019.4-amd64.iso (2,635MB, torrent), kali-linux-2019.4-light-amd64.iso (1,139MB, torrent).

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