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2019-11-07 NEWDevelopment Release: Project Trident Void Alpha
The Project Trident team has published their first development snapshot which uses Void as its base. Past versions of Project Trident have been based on TrueOS and this alpha snapshot demonstrates some of the features Trident can provide on its new base. "What does this image provide? A full ZFS-on-root installation of Void Linux. A full walk-through of the installation procedure in an easy-to-use fashion. No experience with disk formatting or partitioning is required. Hybrid EFI and BIOS-boot capabilities. Both for the ISO and for the system post-install. Encrypted swap on ZFS (if swap space is selected). Support for both glibc and musl versions of Void packages in a single installer. Support for detecting and connecting to Wireless networks in an easy-to-use series of prompts (DHCP only). These settings get transferred over to the new installation for out-of-box network support. Due to the constant flow of updates to the Void Linux package repositories, this image is a complete net-install implementation. This means that all installed packages are always the current version from the repository, and result in a system which is fully up to date after the install is completed." Further details can be found in the project's release announcement. Download: Trident-netinstall-ALPHA-x86_64.iso (502MB, SHA256, pkglist).

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