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2019-11-07 NEWOS Release: OpenIndiana 2019.10
OpenIndiana is a continuation of the OpenSolaris operating system. OpenIndiana is part of the Illumos Foundation, and provides a true open-source community alternative to Solaris 11 and Solaris 11 Express, with an open development model and full community participation. The project's latest release, OpenIndiana Hipster 2019.10, migrates some tools from Python 2 to version 3 along with several package updates: "During this development cycle we've worked on updating IPS, migrating remaining OpenIndiana-specific applications to Python 3, rewriting some DDU closed binary blobs. Desktop software and libraries: VirtualBox was updated to 6.0.14. Xorg fonts, tools and libraries were updated. FreeType was updated to 2.10.1. GTK 3 was updated to 3.24.12. LightDM was updated to 1.30. mpg123, x265, and mpack packages were added, x264 was updated. Powerline, the nice status line, was added and integrated with Bash, tmux, and Vim. Supplementary x11-init service was added to create necessary directories with root permissions prior to X11 applications startup." Additional information can be found in the project's release announcement and release notes. Download: OI-hipster-gui-20191106.iso (1,640MB, SHA256, signature), OI-hipster-text-20191106.iso (723MB, SHA256, signature), OI-hipster-minimal-20191106.iso (431MB, SHA256, signature).

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